Walking The Path

Enjoying the wildlife


A Great Gift

Yesterday I went shopping for my dads birthday and I decided that I would get him a sentimental gift as well as a humorous one. For the first gift I got him a large picture of my family and a new fishing pole. For the second set of gifts I got him a package of depends and some hearing aids Manchester. My dad thinks he is the worlds biggest comedian so I decided to show him up a little bit. I have to say I am more than estatic to watch him open his gifts tonight after dinner. He is always pulling pranks on me and cracking jokes so I figured a few pranks myself would not do any harm. I just hope my mother has a sense of humor towards this as she is tired of the constant messing around between the boys in the family.

Ear Flush Trauma

What started as a game for my three year old ended in a painful ear irrigation Manchester that most likely traumatized myself and the child for the remainder of our lives. I was cleaning my ears with cotton swabs and he wanted to do the same thing. As we ran around the house, him fleeing from me and me trying to get the cotton swab away from him, he landed ear first in a door knob. Since he had the cotton swab in his ear, it got pushed in further than it should go; a little trickle of blood appeared in his ear. We raised to the emergency room. The ER doctor gently and carefully pulled out he cotton swab; then vigorously flushed the ear. My child has never since tried to put anything in his ear again.